Mr. Ashok Solomon, a distinguished philanthropist and accomplished businessman, has left an indelible mark on countless lives through his unwavering commitment to charitable endeavors. As the trustee and chair of the Nora Solomon Foundation, he has devoted himself to empowering millions of individuals in India by providing them with access to vital resources and life-changing opportunities.


In addition to his philanthropic pursuits, Mr. Solomon serves as the Chairman of Chintels (I) Ltd, a renowned Real Estate Development Company with a pan-Asian presence. His leadership in the corporate world is beautifully complemented by his steadfast dedication to enhancing the quality of education. He firmly believes in enriching the learning experiences of underprivileged children attending charitable schools by equipping teachers at all levels with the necessary tools and skills.


Beyond education, Mr. Ashok Solomon's philanthropic vision extends to healthcare. Under his visionary guidance, the Nora Solomon Foundation Medicentre in Gurgaon is steadfastly committed to ensuring that affordable medical care is accessible to marginalized communities in and around Gurgaon, Haryana.


What truly sets Mr. Ashok Solomon apart is his hands-on approach to philanthropy. As a trustee, he leads by example and actively engages in the causes he supports. His unwavering commitment serves as a powerful source of inspiration for our entire team, motivating us to continually push the boundaries of what is achievable and uphold the highest standards of excellence in all our endeavors.


Under Mr. Ashok Solomon's adept leadership, the Nora Solomon Foundation has played a pivotal role in sustaining numerous primary and middle-level schools across both Uttarakhand and New Delhi, encompassing not only urban areas but also reaching out to rural comm

unities and underprivileged slums.


Mr. Solomon's philanthropic legacy extends far beyond the establishment of the Nora Solomon Foundation. His generosity has sponsored primary, elementary, high school, intermediate, graduate, and post-graduate education for more than 100 students. Additionally, he has distributed blankets, food, and medicine during times of natural calamities, provided crucial financial support to widows and the elderly, offered assistance to the sick, and helped countless individuals secure meaningful employment opportunities. His longstanding commitment to improving the lives of countless individuals exemplifies the true spirit of philanthropy and compassion.


Mrs. Chandralekha Solomon is a distinguished individual who has left an indelible mark in various fields. She is not only the visionary founder of the Indian Institute of Aesthetics but also the creative force behind the Personal Formula Skin Care Clinic. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she is renowned as a grooming and personal hygiene expert, revered for her deep compassion and unwavering commitment to driving positive change.


With a background as esteemed faculty at the Hyatt Regency Delhi, Mrs. Solomon brings a wealth of expertise to her endeavors. Her passion extends to empowering women and children across diverse communities in India. Through comprehensive education, training, and livelihood enhancement programs, she actively contributes to uplifting individuals and communities.


Mrs. Chandralekha Solomon is an integral part of our mission to effect positive change in society. Her extraordinary dedication to philanthropy serves as an inspiring beacon, motivating us all to aspire to greater heights of compassion and transformation.


Mr. Prashant Solomon shoulders the role of Managing Director at Chintels (I) Ltd, where his strategic acumen drives the company's vision. With a versatile role that spans strategic planning, project execution, and meticulous real estate development, he assumes an indispensable position in steering the company toward its accomplishments.


Yet, Mr. Prashant's contributions extend far beyond his corporate responsibilities. As a trustee, he is the driving force propelling our philanthropic initiatives to new heights. His unwavering dedication to our shared mission has been a wellspring of inspiration, profoundly impacting numerous lives.


Bringing a rich tapestry of experience, expertise, and boundless passion, Mr. Prashant's presence on our board enriches our organization. His visionary leadership extends beyond governance, embodying inclusivity, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His ability to motivate our entire team ensures that we collectively strive for the highest standards of service, embodying the principles of integrity and compassion at the core of our mission.


Mr. Rohan Solomon, a multifaceted artist hailing from New Delhi, is a notable figure in the world of music. As a Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Audio Engineer, and Music Producer, he brings a diverse array of talents to the forefront of the industry. His artistic journey commenced as the frontman of the renowned band, Cyanide, and has since evolved into a remarkable career where he offers his expertise in music production and audio engineering through Synergy Audio Productions and Engine Room Audio.


However, Mr. Solomon's contributions extend far beyond his musical achievements. His philanthropic spirit knows no bounds, transcending traditional boundaries and making a profound impact. He stands as a visionary leader, fully comprehending the transformative power of charitable giving. His enduring legacy of support is interwoven into every facet of our organization, empowering us to undertake ambitious projects and initiatives that span the breadth of our mission.


Dedicated to the pursuit of a more equitable world, Mr. Solomon aligns seamlessly with our unwavering commitment. His philanthropic endeavors encompass a broad spectrum of causes, ranging from championing education and healthcare to nurturing youth empowerment and advancing the cause of social justice. He firmly believes in the interconnectivity of global challenges and serves as a steadfast advocate for collective action as a means to overcome even the most formidable obstacles.


What sets Mr. Solomon apart is not just his financial contributions but also his visionary leadership. He actively cultivates a culture of collaboration and innovation within our organization, urging us to break free from conventional thinking. His unwavering encouragement serves as a catalyst for our creative spirit, inspiring us to explore novel solutions and embrace daring, innovative approaches in our mission to address the complex issues that drive our efforts.