Drinking Water


Access to clean and safe water is a fundamental human right and a crucial building block of the world we aspire to create. While our planet boasts an abundance of fresh water, the unfortunate reality is that millions of people, with children being the most affected, continue to suffer from water-related diseases due to economic challenges and inadequate infrastructure.


Alignment with Global Goals, National Priorities & Local Context

The importance of clean water and sanitation is underscored by its inclusion as one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 6). At the NSF, we firmly believe that this global challenge can be effectively addressed at the community level, which in turn contributes to the broader effort to combat water crises and improve sanitation conditions. Our dedicated efforts are aimed at making clean and safe drinking water not just available, but easily accessible to local communities.


We are equally committed to delivering clean water right to the doorstep of those in need. Our initiatives are centered on ensuring access to clean water for every individual within the communities we serve, with particular attention to those who are most vulnerable. Our programs are thoughtfully designed to address the specific water and sanitation needs of slums and rural areas, where access to such essential resources can be limited.


Key Initiatives under this Programme

1. NSF donated funds to Satya Marg Trust for providing drinking water to poor people.

2. NSF donated funds to Prakash Charitable Trust for providing drinking water to poor people.

3. NSF donated funds to Mata Amrita Nanda Mai for providing drinking water to poor people.


Through collaborative efforts and innovative approaches, we are striving to build a future where clean water is accessible to every individual and sanitation is a basic right upheld in every community.