As part of its commitment to addressing the educational needs of marginalized communities, NSF has launched an Informal Free Education Program. Under this program, a dedicated learning center has been established at the labor camp in Gurugram, catering to the children of migrational laborers who work tirelessly at construction sites in and around Gurgaon. This learning center serves as a beacon of hope and a source of transformation for these children and their families.


The program directly benefits thirty-five children, aged between 5 to 11 years. These young learners come from backgrounds where access to quality education is limited, and they often face economic hardships. The Informal Free Education Program strives to break these barriers and provide them with a promising future.


Nutritional Support- Understanding the significance of nutrition in a child's development, NSF goes the extra mile by providing each child with a glass of milk daily. Additionally, once a week, a nutritious meal of Khichdi/ Halwa is offered. This not only addresses the educational needs of the children but also their physical well-being, ensuring that they have the energy and nourishment to learn and grow.


St. Gianelli Social Service Society:

The Nora Solomon Foundation provides crucial financial support to the St. Gianelli Social Service Society, enabling them to run an impactful free informal education program in Delhi. This program is specifically designed to benefit children living in and around the slum areas of Sangam Vihar.


The foundation sponsors regular tuition classes for approximately 125 children. These children come from families of rag pickers, daily wage laborers, and low-paid workers.


In addition to core academics, the children also have the opportunity to learn Spoken English. They engage in art and craft activities, fostering creativity and fine motor skills.



The Nora Solomon Foundation (NSF) is deeply committed to uplifting marginalized communities and transforming lives through various impactful projects and initiatives. Here is a detailed elaboration of some of their significant projects:


1. Supporting Middle School Wing at Aashalata Victoria Wilkinson Memorial Charitable Trust:

NSF's support extends to the construction of a middle school wing at the Aashalata VWM Charitable Trust Primary School. Located in a slum colony on the outskirts of the capital city, this school serves approximately 300 children from underprivileged backgrounds.


NSF's full financial support of the new wing not only expands the school's capacity but also contributes to the infrastructure, ensuring a conducive learning environment.


In addition to infrastructure development, NSF goes above and beyond by donating computers to support the formal education program and continuing to cover the salaries of teachers and support staff.


This comprehensive support enables the school to provide quality education to children from Below Poverty Line (BPL) and slum communities.


2. Leprosy Patients Children’s Education Fund (LPCEF) Project:

NSF recognizes the unique challenges faced by children of leprosy-affected parents, who often suffer from social stigma and financial hardships and so it provides annual donations to LPCEF, which focuses on providing emotionally and financially disadvantaged children with equal opportunities for education and vocational training.


Additionally, NSF sponsors individual scholarships and stipends for deserving children of leprosy patients across various parts of the country, further extending their impact.




3. Support for Sampan Community Health and Development Society:

In Uttarakhand, NSF supports a group of four English Medium, Christian schools that provide high-quality education to remote villages at little to no cost. The contribution includes covering the salaries of teachers in these schools, allowing them to expand their educational efforts.


These schools are guided by Dr. Nathan Grills from the University of Melbourne, Australia, a renowned figure in the field. NSF's support significantly enhances the impact of these schools in the region, improving the quality of life for their students.


4. Partnership with Kinder Hilfs Werk (KHW):

NSF has collaborated with KHW, a German-sponsored organization dedicated to provide schooling for orphans and impoverished local villagers. KHW also operates outreach programs in conjunction with Lehman Hospital and members of the CHGN-UKC.


Their efforts have been instrumental in finding and deploying Special Education Teachers for mountain villages under the Emmanuel Hospital Association and Samvedna organization. NSF's partnership with KHW extends their reach and impact in the region.


5. Support for Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK):

NSF and BCTA plays a crucial role in supporting RLEK's educational initiatives, including covering the salaries of teachers in 12 of their schools, benefiting more than 1000 students.


NSF's commitment to education in these schools goes beyond financial support; they have also funded the construction of two Senior Primary Schools in Jangheri and Miyani, which are now fully operational and certified. These schools serve as the base for health camps conducted periodically by HIMAID, further illustrating NSF's comprehensive approach to community development.


NSF has also implemented the 'AttendNow App' in these schools to monitor teacher attendance, ensuring the quality of education.


6. Toon Masti:

NSF has been instrumental in introducing the Toon Masti program, a CBSE certified, cartoon-based course from Nursery through Class 5 in Math and Social Science. The program was initially donated by Ernst and Young Foundation and has since been adopted by 3.8 million students.


NSF was the first in North India to utilize this innovative program in the schools they sponsor, showcasing their commitment to providing quality education to underprivileged children.


7. Partnership with Azim Premji Foundation:

NSF's collaboration with Azim Premji Foundation demonstrates their dedication to improving education. They have set up libraries in 15 schools using books donated by the foundation.


The foundation has conducted semi-annual advanced teacher training courses for 47 village teachers supported by NSF. This training has been instrumental in helping these teachers obtain their required B.Ed. degrees, meeting state requirements for educators.


NSF's association with Azim Premji Foundation showcases their commitment to enhancing the quality of education in the communities they serve.


8. Sponsorship for Manipur Students:

NSF has extended its support to students affected by ethnic clashes in Manipur, providing them with training opportunities. These 21 youth, from both the relief center and outside, have been sent for training at VISAN FOUNDATION, FAST TRACK HOTEL MANAGEMENT, "School Of Skill Development In Hospitality."


NSF and BCTA have covered the training and accommodation fees for these students, creating opportunities for them to rebuild their lives in a new environment.