There are many children in India who need better education and healthcare

relief work aid and medicine

We  have also initiated  several drives over the years, aiding  those affected by natural calamities  such as the victims of  the Nepal Earthquake May 2015 and Kashmir Floods September 2014 . Aid was dispensed in the form of  medicines, food articles and clothing. Also, where possible, resettlement of families was undertaken. In the aftermath of the Uttarakhand  Floods  June 2013, Baptist Church Trust Association and NSF  worked together, to provide relief to the victims of the devastating calamity. Apart from food , water and clothing, Toilets were set up to prevent spread of diseases.

NSF has formulated a contract with Chirag Hospital to provide health care and free medicines to the laborers and their families working at its various construction projects in Gurgaon, Haryana.