There are many children in India who need better education and healthcare


NSF absolutely believes in the ethos famously enunciated by Nelson Mandela that, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We must arm the world with education and literacy to combat the intellectually ailing world, therefore, we have partnered with various organizations that are committed to sowing the seeds of knowledge in budding minds.


In an endeavour to realise our primary vision of an educated India we have forged ties with the  Dehradun based Rural Litigation & Entitlement Kendra (RLEK),a registered society headed by the Padma Bhushan awardee Mr. Avdesh Kaushal. RLEK established 15 Primary schools in remote areas of Uttarakhand with the sole purpose of educating the enrolled young minds who had thus far  been deprived of any basic education.  Faced with a financial crisis RLEK was on the verge of closing down these schools. NSF stepped in to provide financial assistance each month, by  reimbursing the salary of all staff and faculty members at these Hill schools which are now CBSE certified. The education here, is imparted free of charge to some 1600+ at the last count, children, who do not receive any government support. NSF is in the process of upgrading two of these Primary schools to eighth grade middle schools and hoped to establish them some day as full fledged Senior Secondary Schools.

NSF recently qualified to receive an instructional program from the Ernst & Young Foundation. This program is called “Toon Masti” and consists of 9 DVDs with cartoons, lesson plans, teacher and student activities and an instructional log. The program is fully certified by CBSE, and is the first of its kind  installation in North India. Its animated educational content has been developed as a low-cost model to enhance enrolment, attendance and greater comprehension of subjects in schools. It will soon be used in all the school supported by NSF.

Leprosy is the oldest known disease to mankind which affects many aspects of the lives of people affected by leprosy including mobility, interpersonal relationships, marriage, employment, leisure activities. Although the Children of Leprosy affected parents are not in any way affected by the disease, yet they suffer social stigma and repercussions.

NSF has undertaken to help these Children by making annual donations to Leprosy Patients Children’s Education Fund Project (LPCEF), an organisation that utilises its funds for the education of these emotionally and financially disadvantaged children and provides them with an equal opportunity of education and vocation, to enable them to fully integrate into mainstream society as normal individuals.

Aside from working with  LPCEF, NSF also, sponsors individual scholarships and stipends to  deserving children of patients of Leprosy, living in different parts of the country.

NSF has fully financed the construction of a new wing that shall host a middle school at the Aashalata VWM Charitable Trust Primary School. The school has an 300 strong student body all of whom belong to the  slum colony where the school was established on the outskirts of the capital city .